Relationship Counseling in NYC.

You love a good challenge, except when the challenge is your relationship.

Being smart and driven works in your career, but with a partner...sometimes you wonder if you are better off just being alone. It’s hard to find someone who is interesting, quick enough, and who also makes you feel amazing.

You don’t even know if it is possible to find what you want, so you put up with a lot, to the point it feels toxic. You find someone who is smart, but when you look closer they really are kind of a jerk. You find someone who is kind, but when you spend time with them, you feel bored and try to convince yourself that nice should be enough. You've had some pretty mediocre relationship models but have also admired and envied seemingly successful ones. How did they get so lucky?

Does a healthy relationship even exist on this planet?

People come to me who are frustrated in either their dating life or in their married life. They find themselves confused about what they want and disbelieving that they are deserving of anything really good. They want to be able to interact with a partner from a place of maturity and confidence while still feeling madly in love. They want to feel capable of being and having a great partner, not just because they are smart but because they know how to be with another person in a whole way.

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