You’ve focused so much energy on the areas you know you can excel in – academia and your career – that you've neglected the personal parts of life that you figured would just fall into place on their own. Now, as you try to navigate your current reality, you feel like you just don’t fit perfectly in the picture. The emotions are complex and you feel frustrated, lonely, angry and hurt as you try your hardest to love your life in NYC. You often wonder why you can't just enjoy the good parts of your life.

Parts of your life are great, but you long for something more.

Friends suggest going to talk to someone, but you can barely find time to go to the gym or even make it home from work at a decent hour. Just the thought of adding time to your commute back to Brooklyn or to the Upper East is anxiety provoking. Or, you are on the road all the time, heading from business meeting to conference. How could you possibly find a therapist who would be willing to work around your insane schedule on any given day?

Virtual therapy makes it possible.

I offer personalized counseling and psychotherapy for busy New Yorkers that goes where you go, with the flexibility of the world wide web. All sessions are conducted online exclusively via secure videoconference and can be scheduled at the same time each week, or rescheduled each week into available openings as our calendars allow.

Via online therapy, I help dynamic, intelligent, driven people who are struggling to translate their academic or career success into relationship and personal life success, whether in dating, marriage, building a family, coping with parenthood, life transition, or just in overall day-to-day happiness. I help people discover who they are, what they feel, how to express their needs and get them met. Together we deep dive to really understand all the feelings, to grow an acceptance for those feelings without sabotage and self-loathing. There will be a healthy amount of laughter and sarcasm, paired with building you up to be a person who you understand better than ever before.

Contact me today to schedule a free initial consultation and to talk about how online therapy can help.

Let's get started figuring a path to a more fulfilled daily life.