Featured in PsychCentral: How to Figure Out Who You Are Outside of Work

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Who Are You Outside of Work?

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Pleased to have been featured again in PsychCentral, this time in a great piece about making space for your identity beyond the parameters of what you do for a living. All too often, and ESPECIALLY in NYC, we get wrapped up so tightly with work as an identity that we forget to nurture our lives beyond the job. It is one of the first questions asked when meeting new people in NYC, "What do you do?" And, the assumption is that a person will respond with what they do for work. But, what else do you do? If you don't know the answer to that question, or feel like you probably should start nurturing life beyond the 9-to-5, click here to read the article for some tips on how to get started recognizing an identity outside of work.

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