You've got it all under control...right?

It can be lonely at the top, or at least when you've focused the majority of your time and energy on building your impressive career. You are proud of your accomplishments and have the title and responsibilities to show for it, but there's another part of you that has been quietly waiting in the background, hoping for something more. When will it be your turn to connect with a partner who can actually meet you halfway? You're so accustomed to getting things done independently and delegating or directing traffic, so to speak, that when it comes to partnering it can be hard to shift into an open, connecting framework. Or, it's just too hard to find the time to date, and the pool of applicants (Tinder? Really?) seems pretty bleak.

Also, nobody really understands the level of stress you're under. It is unprofessional to discuss your frustrations with peers and you wouldn't dream of letting those lower in the hierarchy, or those vying for your spot, know how you're really feeling each day. You're starting to feel like there's only so much you can hold by yourself, which is an unfamiliar and worrisome feeling.

I help executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and successful people. I help people who are accustomed to being on an island by themselves, usually because they're just so damned adept at handling all the business, start to consider ways they might be able to let other people in to support them, even just a little bit. I help people who long for interpersonal connection to realize opportunities to develop loving, fulfilling partnerships. I help people who are determined to go it alone, or those who are juggling the competing demands of career and family, to figure out ways to incorporate effective self-care and that ever so elusive balance.

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