FAQs About Online Counseling, Therapy, and Psychotherapy in #NYC

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Part 3: A Guide to Finding an Online Therapist in NYC

FAQs about online counseling, therapy, and psychotherapy in #NYC

In the fast-paced and majorly stimulating life of a New Yorker, finding a peaceful place in which to explore your inner self can be a challenge. Hell, even finding a few minutes of peace tucked into a much-too-small spot on the subway ride home can feel like a miracle. So, as you try to seek out the right online therapist in NYC for you, it can be more than a little confusing as you try to understand what it is you are going to get out of the therapy practice.

You’ve undertaken the process of finding several online therapists who practice in NYC, you’ve had initial consultations with a few of them, and you may even have narrowed your list down to one or two that you could imagine working with but even with that clarity comes questions about what the process of working with an online therapist will entail. It is absolutely reasonable (and “normal” – whatever that means) to feel a bit unclear about what this work is all about, whether you’ve never had a therapist before or just don’t know how it is going to go in this latest iteration of your treatment process.

I’ve come up with a list of FAQs that I typically get from new clients before we start working together, or in the first few weeks of treatment. I have also included some of the FAQs that I try to answer for people even if they don’t specifically ask, because it is information that I think is crucial in determining whether I am going to be a good fit for them going forward.


1)    What kind of therapy will this be and what exactly does that mean?

2)    Is online therapy right for me and the kind of help I need or want?

3)    How long is each session?

4)    How many sessions will we have each week/month?

5)    How much does each session cost and how will I pay?

6)    How long will it take for me to feel like therapy is helping?

7)    How long will we work together overall?

8)    Do you think that you would be a good fit to work with me to help with my anxiety/depression/relationship issues (or other issue you’d like help with)?

I hope this helps you find the right online therapist in NYC. If you are still feeling overwhelmed by all of your options or want some help navigating the process of finding the right online therapist in NYC, feel free to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation here or click here to read more about working with me. I’d be happy to learn more about what is happening for you and to help direct you to the right person for your needs.