You're used to being in the spotlight, literally, or your craft keeps you immensely busy behind the scenes. You pursued a career in arts & entertainment because it was your passion, but it's a far different experience earning a living this way. Sometimes it feels like people want to get close to you just so they can shine a little bit, too, and it can be hard to know who your real friends are. Not to mention you're expected to produce even when you aren't feeling is that art?!

Man with dark hair and beard, and tattos working with paintbrush

I work with artists of all mediums who seek more genuine connection in their interpersonal relationships or who are trying to get out of the spiral of self-doubt that often hinders productivity. Whether I'll recognize your name or not, I help talented artists, like you, to create a safe space protected from influence by both cruel critics and disingenuous "yes-ers" for reconnecting with the true creative self.

If you want to move beyond your self-doubt and let your creativity shine, contact me here to schedule a free 20-minute initial consultation.