Do Your Creative Pursuits Make You Feel Drained, Depressed, or Uninspired?

As a musician, designer, filmmaker, writer, or other artist, are you struggling with creative block? Perhaps personal problems or other distractions are stifling your creative energy. Even if you have plenty of time and resources, you may nonetheless lack inspiration or struggle to tap into your creative energy.

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Are practical limitations or other people’s demands cramping your style? It may be that the parameters of your project or your fans’ expectations are preventing you from relaxing into your project and letting things flow naturally. You may also be under impractical time constraints, lacking a proper workspace, or missing the tools or materials you need to work the way you want to.

Does your work feel less authentic than it used to? You may feel torn between a desire to create the art you want and the need to operate a profitable business. If you have a fan base or work with an artist who does, you might also find it tiring to keep up with all the attention, forcing you into halfhearted, insincere interactions.

Do you ever wonder whether people are more interested in you—or what you can do for them? While being held in high regard certainly has its upsides, you may miss the privacy you once enjoyed. You might also be growing tired of friends and strangers asking for introductions or other favors, even if you’re not in the spotlight yourself (but work for someone who is).

You might think pursuing your passion should make you happy. If so, you might feel frustrated or guilty when your artistic endeavors fail to deliver satisfaction. But you’re certainly not the only artist struggling to cope with the challenges of a creative career.

Creative Work Can Be Physically and Mentally Exhausting


Considering the constant pressure artists are under to create great works, it is no surprise that so many struggle with anxiety, creative block, and other mental difficulties. While the concept of the depressed artist may sound cliché, it is nonetheless based in truth, with creative personalities suffering from above-average rates of depression, bipolar disorder, and other afflictions.

Artistic careers are also commonly physically demanding; musicians, stagehands, management and production crew, for example, often sleep in less-than-desirable conditions and rarely stay in one place for long. Even though they are expected to work long shifts at all hours of the day, few opportunities are typically provided for the rest and relaxation they need to prepare and recharge.

Some creative endeavors are also woefully underappreciated, which can be frustrating and isolating. A great artist recognizes the importance of finding just the right color palette, camera angle, or chord, but these finer details may go unappreciated by clients and even fans. Moreover, family members and other loved ones may not approve of art-centric career choices, withdrawing their support when it is needed most.

Perfectionism and an intense emotional investment in creative work is also problematic for many artists. Because of the immense pride they have in each piece, many artists find it difficult to make compromises or settle for “good enough.” They may also unwittingly neglect other areas of their life, compromising their health and, in some cases, putting relationships in jeopardy.

If you’re an artist or entertainer, your schedule might make it hard for you to arrange for something like professional counseling. Fortunately, online therapy for artists can provide useful support and insights with minimal disruption to other commitments.

Overcoming Creative Block And Finding Balance With Therapy For Artists

It is painful to imagine living in a world without art. Music, fashion, graphic design, and other art forms greatly enrich our lives, and I appreciate the sacrifices artists make to create beautiful and inspiring things. As a therapist, I am honored to support creative workers by offering online therapy for musicians, writers, entertainment industry workers, and other artists.


Every client has unique goals and challenges. For most artists, though, overcoming creative block is part to our work together. If you’re a perfectionist or have received negative reviews, pessimistic thoughts about your work may be stifling your creativity. To make it easier to complete each piece and send it off into the world, I’ll help you learn how to handle criticism and banish self-judgement, treating yourself with gentleness.

Establishing greater self-confidence may involve letting go of unrealistic or unnecessary expectations. For example, if you’re determined to work in the same way or produce the same kind of work as a renowned mentor, you may be placing yourself under undue stress. By exploring which elements of your creative routine are actually helpful and which aren’t, we can systematically remove the mental blocks to creative thinking.

While I will make suggestions and encourage you to try new things, my ultimate goal is not to tell you what to do. I’m much more interested in exploring why you tend to run into certain challenges, allowing you to come up with possible alternative approaches that are born out of the deep self-awareness you will foster during our work together. I offer a nonjudgmental, collaborative environment that encourages creative problem-solving, guiding you toward practical solutions that work best specifically for you.


If you’ve been struggling with feelings of inauthenticity, we can address that, as well. If your public image or other people’s opinions have obscured your sense of self, I can help you rediscover who you truly are and what you want out of life. I provide a safe and open atmosphere where you can face your doubts and fears. As you rediscover what is most important to you, decisions that previously seemed impossible—such as whether or not to invest in that new studio this year—will become easier to make with confidence.

We will also work toward a better balance between your public and private life. For example, if you’re a musician wondering how to deal with groupies and “yes”ers who constantly encroach on your personal space, I can help you establish healthier boundaries. I will also brainstorm ways for you to find and utilize pockets of time for self-care.

As your energy level increases, you will come to approach social interactions with greater enthusiasm and authenticity. You will also have more time and energy for the relationships that are most important to you. Rather than spending every ounce of your energy on being there for your boss, clients, or fans, you will be empowered to invest in the relationships that rejuvenate and support you.

Artists face unique challenges. By establishing greater balance and fostering greater emotional resiliency, though, you can make the most of difficult situations, maximize your creative potential, and make faster progress toward your career and personal goals.

As you consider working with me, you may wonder. . .

Will letting go of my depression or anxiety stifle me creatively?

It’s true that great art can sometimes be the product of depression or anxiety. But creative genius can also result from love and excitement and joy. Many artists mistakenly believe that their suffering is a prerequisite for creativity, but this typically isn’t true. In fact, studies have shown that professional treatment can actually enhance creativity, not stifle it. I can help you achieve greater emotional stability and balance, all while helping you find your muse and tap into the depth of your creativity.

Do I really have time for therapy? My schedule is crazy.

I utilize a private, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform, so we can connect via the internet whether you’re home, at the studio, in a hotel room, or on tour. I am licensed to provide services in both Colorado and New York, and serve clients based in both states. I understand that the availability of artists, entertainers, and their crew may vary from week to week, but will do my best to accommodate that variability.

I’m not comfortable talking about my deepest dreams and fears with a stranger.

I tailor our sessions according to your goals and comfort level. It’s true that I will ask many questions during our time together to better understand how your past experiences may be shaping both your current situation and your perception of it. As the trust between us grows, though, I hope you will come to value this opportunity to open up to someone who is nonjudgmental, unbiased, and compassionate. That said, you steer the ship, and we will never move faster than you are comfortable with.


Unleash Your Creative Potential

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