Featured in Bustle: 11 Seemingly Innocent Habits That Can Sabotage A New Relationship Before It Starts

11 Habits to Avoid in a New Relationship

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The website Bustle has some fun articles, everything from pop culture to parenthood, as they say. When I contribute to articles for websites like Bustle, I love the opportunity to provide impactful tidbits that may help to improve even just one reader's relationship. In this recent article, I offered suggestions related to early relationship sabotage, which is a topic that many of my patients are interested in. How can I shift my behavior in this new relationship so it doesn't end up in a shambles like the last one did? Obviously, I would have more to say to a patient about their particular history and presentation than what is contained in this article, but there are some good morsels in this article that can be implemented in any relationship. Click here to read the article in full!

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