Counseling for Expats who need understanding from the perspective of "home."

Living abroad. It sounded so romantic and exciting. When the offer came you didn't have much time to really think about the details of what it would mean to be an expat. The logistics and getting the kids prepared have been your focus until now.

The novelty is wearing off and expat life is wearing you down.

You had visions of an expat life that included learning a new language, exploring your new city, making new friends, maybe even relaxing a bit more than you used to have the luxury of, but instead most of your days are spent alone, in a flat that is unrecognizable, without any of the familiar comforts of home, as your partner works and your kids are at school with their new friends. You had a good life back home and now that the dust has settled, you are missing it more than ever. 

Is it boredom or depression?

The dread you feel with your day to day,  everything feels hard. Moving back really isn't an option right now but you keep having fantasies of booking a one-way ticket back home. You've tried confiding in friends and family back home, but they dismiss your feelings as "just needing to get used to it" and then launch into their own romantic fantasies of what they think expat living must be like. You've met a few other expats through your partner's work, follow an expat blog for tips, and even tried to join a local expat community group, but other than acknowledging the initial adjustment, they all seem to have built lives they love just as much as, if not more than, in their native country.  You simply cannot continue living this way but you don't know how to get help from someone who will actually GET it.

I help expats who are struggling with living a life they love in their new locale.

Together we distinguish the pieces that are working from the pieces that aren't, rather than just seeing a mountain of misery. You will begin to identify ways to address those difficult pieces effectively. You can start the process of developing a deep level of self-awareness that will help you to live an expat life you have agency in creating, regardless of your country code.

All of our sessions are virtual on a secure platform and appointments are available to work with many time zones. There might very well be ways to experience joy and connection, right where you are now and no matter where you are in the future; I can help you learn how to let those feelings be part of your reality.

If you want to evaluate your expat reality in a safe, non-judgmental space, contact me for a free 20-minute consultation.

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