You try to fix it with food, intense relationships, a little risky behavior here and there...any kind of thrill to evoke some sort of emotion other than anxiety or sadness. Really, you just feel embarrassed by how it’s all playing out. “Why do I feel this way? I’m smarter than this. I should be happy!” But you don’t know how to make it better. You don’t know what that even looks like.

It happens, getting stuck in a routine or role and feeling absolutely powerless. You can’t fathom telling your partner you want a divorce, or finding a partner who is even halfway decent, or telling your job to shove it. It’s all you can do to tolerate the feeling of wanting to crawl out of your skin or run away and start over.

I help my clients be here and really understand what kind of life they are creating. They learn to make changes, understand themselves, have healthier relationships and be comfortable with who they are without having to hit the nuclear button on everything.

So, before another risk is taken, before you sink deeper into the sofa with self-loathing, try something different. You can understand and you can change what is going on inside.

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